YanFu Foundation Congratulates the Grand Opening Ceremony of Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum in Fuzhou

On 24th, October, 2013, the Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum opened its door to the public. The Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum is the largest museum of its kind in China, which specialises in collecting cultural celebrity’s calligraphic work. It has a collection of 240 of Yan Fu’s calligraphic works, including letters, manuscripts, Chinese couplet and various writings from different stages of Yan Fu’s life. The collection will be a valuable source for people to research Yan Fu’s ideas and the late Qin’s history. The general public can appreciate Yan Fu’s incredible achievement in calligraphy art in the beautiful and historic Sanfangqixiang (Three Lanes and Seven Alleys: cluster of ancient residential buildings dating from the late Jin Dynasty) in Central Fuzhou.

The opening ceremony of Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum The opening ceremony of Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum

An Inside view of one section at Yan Fu calligraphy Museum

An Inside view of one section at Yan Fu calligraphy Museum

YanFu Foundation will work closely with the Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum in organising exhibitions and events in the future. To celebrate this ground-breaking event, YanFu Foundation sent a letter of congratulations to the curator of the Museum – Mr Zhiyu Zheng and wished the ceremony a great success. Below is the full transcript of the letter:

One piece of Yan Fu's calligraphy art

One piece of Yan Fu’s calligraphy art

A Letter of congratulation

Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum, Fuzhou, China

Honourable Curator:

I am thrilled to know Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum will hold its grand opening ceremony soon, I, on behalf of the colleagues of YanFu Foundation, UK want to send our warmest congratulations for this great event.

Yan Fu is the greatest enlightenment thinker, educator and translator of the modern China, his achievement in calligraphy art is equally remarkable. We Chinese believe the calligraphy art can reveal the true character and personality of the writer. Through the study and appreciation of Yan Fu’s calligraphy art, his patriotism and academic accomplishment can be better revealed to the general public. The establishment of Yan Fu Calligraphy Museum bears important historical meaning. It will advance the research of Yan Fu’s idea and make significant contributions to the cultural offering of Fuzhou and Fujian Province.

Best wishes for success in the opening ceremony! May the collection benefit generations to come!

YanFu Foundation: Dr Kai Liu 16th, October, 2013