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We strongly believe inter cultural exchange enrich people’s life and make a world better place.  We aim to make more people benefit from it through our cultural and educational programmes.  In both UK and China, the opportunities to explore other cultures and receive high quality international education sometimes still belong to the privileged few. YanFu foundation will make every effort to change it.

We are a charitable organisation. In order to achieve our goals, we need your generous support. At the moment, we are still developing our strategic plans and prioritising our key working areas, we do not take individual donations but we welcome your involvement on shaping our working areas. So, if you have a good idea and proposal, or simply want to be part of our community. Please click the support us button below. Support us

“A nation’s future is decided by three conditions: the physical strength of its people, the wisdom and knowledge of its people and the virtue and humanity of its people…” Yan Fu




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