Ambassador Liu Xiaoming Attended the Opening Ceremony of “Yan Fu and Chinese Imperial Students at the Royal Naval College” Exhibition

The opening ceremony of the exhibition of “Yan Fu and Chinese Imperial Students at the Royal Naval College” organised by YanFu Foundation and Greenwich Foundation has been held in the evening of 13th November 2014 in Amiral’s hall of Greenwich Royal Naval College. Chinese ambassador Mr. Liu Xiaoming, Minister Counsellor Mr. Xiang Xiaowei and Counsellor Mr. Zhou Zheng attended the ceremony. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming has given a speech, recalled the history in 1877 of Yan Fu and the first group Chinese students studied in the UK and the first Chinese ambassador Mr. Guo Songtao who have been exploring ways towards national prosperity and strength for China. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming quoted Mr. Xi Jinping’s speech “Yan Fu displayed extraordinary vision and courage of a true Chinese pioneer” in praise of  the vision and courage still inspiring us today, in our efforts to reform, to unleash the vigor of the market, to innovate our way forward and to promote the rule of law. The chairman of YanFu Foundation, Dr. Liu Kai has talked ambassador Liu Xiaoming through the panels summarised Yan Fu’s extraordinary life devoted commitments to promoting understanding between cultures and civilizations, aside from being a remarkable thinker, an outstanding educator and creative translator.  Yan Fu presented the people of China with insights into European natural, social, and political sciences as well as theories of economics and philosophy. He became a preacher of science and democracy and a supporter of reform and modernisation. The exhibition cover inscription was contributed by Dr. Shan Sheng, the president of the Promotion of China Re-unification Society in the UK. The exhibition displays sixteen panels of pictures and texts presenting the key successes of Yan Fu’s studying, teaching, translating and being the first president of the Beijing University.

The exhibition will be opened publically at16th November 2014 till 31st January 2015 and  displayed in the under floor of the Paint Hall in Greenwich Royal Naval College.

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