About Yan Fu Foundation

YanFu Foundation is a charitable organisation established in the UK to commemorate one of the greatest enlightenment thinkers of China – Yan Fu. He was among the first group of Chinese students who studied in the UK in 1877. His time at The Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London shaped his ideas and deepened his understanding of Western culture and institutions. His lifelong endeavour was to forge a new path for a prosperous China and the world through blending Western and Chinese cultures. YanFu Foundation is built on the belief that intercultural communication and exchange enrich people’s lives, eliminate prejudice and advance the humanity. Our goals are:

  • To promote intercultural understanding and exchange between China and the world, through supporting cultural exchange, international education and collaborative innovation.
  • To help young people from underprivileged backgrounds access international education at all levels.
  • To advance the research of Yan Fu’s work, Chinese intellectual history and the history of intercultural communication between China and the world.
  • To showcase the best of Chinese and Western cultures in contributing a more harmonious global society.

“The root of the wealth of nation is individual freedom and wisdom…society progresses, no need to bemoan the lost of the past as tomorrow must excel today…” Yan Fu “A nation’s future is decided by three conditions: the physical strength of its people, the wisdom and knowledge of its people and the virtue and humanity of its people…” Yan Fu


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