Yan Fu

Who is Yan Fu?

Yan Fu (1854-1921) is the greatest enlightenment thinker in modern Chinese history, he introduced and translated the works of Adam Smith, T.H. Huxley, John Stuart Mill, Herbert Spencer and others into Chinese. He argues that the secret to Western wealth and power did not lie in Western technological advances, but in the ideas and institutions that lay behind these techniques. He is also a cultural traditionalist and firmly believe Chinese culture and philosophy can play a significant role to offset the unfettered greed of modern capitalism

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What is our mission?

  • To promote intercultural understanding and exchange between China and the world through supporting arts, cultural and academic activities
  • To help students from underprivileged background access the international education at all levels
  • To advance the research on Yan Fu’s work and intellectual history of modern China
  • To showcase the best of Chinese culture in contributing a more harmonious global society

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